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Peugeot 404 Serial Number Inventory

Club 404 is presently undertaking a survey of Peugeot 404 vehicles of all body styles, with the goal of better knowing the number of these cars that remain throughout the world. Fields marked with a (*) are mandatory. Thank you for your contribution!

Vehicle Information (Mandatory)

Serial Number* (7 digits):

Body Style*:

Country where the car is located*: 

Vehicle Features

Carrosserie Peugeot Number: [?] where do you find the Peugeot body (Carrosserie) number?
The Carrosserie number is found on a small painted aluminium tag that is located near the manufacturer's plate

Paint colour (+ code)
(Peugeot paint colour code, if known)

Sedan/Berline GT:
Sedan/Berline Super Luxe:
404 Berline 8 CV (1500 cc):

Upholstery & interior colour:

Mechanical Condition:

Bodywork Condition:

Interior Condition:

Convertible Top Condition:

Options and Accessories:

Automatic Transmission
Hard Top
Nardi Floor Shifter
Jaeger Sports Instrument Panel
Robergel Wire Wheels
Robergel Hubcap

Date of first registration: 


Additional Information

Date You Purchased this Vehicle:
Note: only "Postal Code" and "Town" will appear to the public if you complete these fields. The owner information will remain strictly confidential. Under the Data Protection Act dated January 6, 1978, you also have a right to access, rectify, modify and delete any data concerning you. You can exercise this right by contacting us HERE.

Vehicle Location


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